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In 2007 a young cook named Jonathon moved back to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. After spending most of his culinary career cooking in New York City kitchens, he decided that it was time to come home.  

Chef Jonathon Sawyer brings love and happiness to each plate that is put out of The Greenhouse Tavern's kitchen. Using local produce, protein, and grain Chef Sawyer supports our revitalizing economy in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Always working hard to be at the forefront of the rustbelt revolution the team at The Greenhouse Tavern is constantly looking for ways to innovate in the city, the kitchen, and on the menu.  


Some of Our Favorites...  




Waste not. Want not. Our pigshead came to fruition after we decided that buying the whole hog made the most sense. Not wanting to waste the pigshead just because it was a head, we put it on the menu. BBQ goodness raw veggie salad, brioche, and lettuce cups for your enjoyment. 


Veggie Burger

For the vegetarian in all of us.  A brown rice, beet, and bean veggie burger served with aged cheddar & a house made pickle. 


Beef Tartare

The best in the country...according to Michael Ruhlman. Hand ground filet of beef served with stadium mustard, 3 minute egg, aioli, and fermented pickle relish.




Foie & Clams

A luscious marriage of clams, foie gras, butter, and red onion brûlée. Served with charred bread. 


Lamb Burger

Grilled Ohio lamb burger with stinky cheese fondue, champagne shallot mignonette, and a tangy yogurt. 


No Name Frites

So good we almost got sued for them. BACON, FRIED EGGS, WHOLE GRAIN MUSTARD, MOZZARELLA CURD & BROWN GRAVY. Because What. 


Fried Brussel Sprouts

Ohio brussels sprouts tossed with maple aioli, lemon, fresh mint, and raw red onion. 


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Beyond excited & proud, Jonathon is extremely deserving of the award - for not only his thoughtfulness with food, but in a day and age of copycat food, and playing it safe, he is always pushing the envelope. He has developed a style of food that is truly his own.
— Chef Michael Symon
When I am not on one of my frequent vegetarian kicks, I’ve found that Jonathon Sawyer, another James Beard Award winner, does amazing things with meat at his casual gastropub, the Greenhouse Tavern.
— LA Times
The Greenhouse Tavern hews to the primal experiences of rustic eating - food licked by fire and smoke, by fermentation, by dark, woodsy umami flavors - and almost always translated through top-shelf techniques.
— The Cleveland Plain dealer
You don’t have to go very far to eat the best bar food in America, at least according to The Food Network, which named Greenhouse Tavern as having the top dish in the whole damn country.
— The Food Network