Annual METAL AS FV@K DINNER April 3rd, 2016


Chilled Gørn Aspic of Innerds – poached & butchered up heart

Napalm Death Jerky – malaysian street style with ground paper thin ginger chili spiced sheets of dry beef

Pound of Flesh Salad – merchant of venice style or Fleisch Salata – German Flesh Salad

Bay of Agony Blood Clams Crudo – served on patio raw bar style with classic condiments


CocksCombs + AssHoles aka smoked turkey tuckus, rooster crown, tendon tare red wine bordelaise, crusto

Pig Skin, Blood, Brains and Naga Viper Kimchi

Roulette Wings Confit, secretly weaponized and randomly selected

Hay Fired Skate Wing with bulls blood, beets, ash, blvck trumpet, aged squash & sepia

Bovine Hoof and Mouth with bone in beef cheek, gunpowder green trotter consume and gribiche


Poser Frostee & Fries with proper pommes frites, malted marmite chocolate tobacco liver “soft serve” semi fredo


Severed Head Velvet Cake  of chef & chefswidow